Saturday, December 11, 2010

Emily stories

Emily has had some good stories lately, so I figured I would put them here so we can remember them 15 years from now.
Driving home from preschool on Weds.
Mom-Emily we are on our way home now. Emily-No home, mommy, no home Mom-Where do you want to go Emily, if we don't go home?? Emily-The circus!

Also driving home on Weds.
Emily-Jumping on the slide! Mom-Did you jump on the slide today Emily? Emily-Sit in time out! Mom-Did you have to sit in time out for jumping Emily? End of conversation

On Friday I asked her preschool teacher about the time out story, and she said indeed, Emily did have a time out on Weds. for jumping off the slide with another girl. Not surprising as Emily jumps on and off everything in sight. She said Emily took the time out really well until the other girl started crying and then of course she had to cry as well. Silly girl.

And now an Emily video. This is her "reading" her David Goes to School book. She has memorized the book and recites it practically word for word. I have been trying for months to get in on video and finally succeeded in getting most of it.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Emily's latest "thing"

Emily has come up with a new "thing" that I'm not sure I'm entirely thrilled by, but not sure how to end. Ever since she has gotten her big girl bed, she has always played before going to bed. This has never been an issue, she plays for a little while then puts herself back to bed. Well just recently she has discovered that she is tall enough to turn the light back on after we leave. This seems to be leading to longer and longer playing time. A minor issue, but it seems as though 2 or 3 times of us turning the light off again and she gives in. Except for the last 2 nights. Monday night I stayed up later than usual (9:30..crazy/wild I know!) and as I was going to bed we peeked in on Em, her light was still on. She was in bed however, approaching sleep, STARK NAKED!!! As in no p.j.s, no diaper, nothing! So we put her jammies back on, much to her protest, put her back to bed and move on. Tuesday night, I fall asleep on the couch and it is after 10 when I go to bed, only to find Emily sound asleep STARK NAKED again! So apparently she likes sleeping in the nude, however it is winter time, and I am a cheapskate, and the heat drops down to 60 at night...definitely not warm enough to be sleeping in the nude! I suppose we will see what tonight brings!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

A blog that I read regularly has suggested the challenge of listing 50 things we are thankful for this year--I thought it would be a great way to start our Thanksgiving before the chaos of cooking and travel begin so here goes-
1-A God who loves me despite my flaws
2-Our friends who love and support us in countless ways!
3-Our house
4-The furnace that is blowing out heat right now
5-A full refrigerator
6-Baskets of laundry to fold which means we have lots of clothes to wear
7-Winter coats to keep us warm
8-Jobs for both Chuck and I that provide paychecks to pay the bills as well as personal fulfillment
9-A classroom full of students that come to school excited to learn
10-Toys all over my living room floor
11-Modern medical science that put ninja in me to grow into our new baby
12-Money to buy our wants as well as our needs
13-A car to take us to visit family today
14-A safe community to live in
15-Wonderful neighbors
16-Freedom to post this
17-Running water
18-Technology that allows me to be all over the world
19-Our health
20-A husband who loves me and would do anything for me
21-A daughter who is simply amazing
22-Parents who support everything I do
23-Siblings who are friends as well
24-In laws who I consider family and friends
25-Extended family who are awesome
26-The library and the fact that Emily loves it so much she cried when we couldn't stop there yesterday
27-a fitness center membership that allows me to walk even when it is bitterly cold outside
28-all of the military that are having to spend Thanksgiving away from their families so we can feel safe and secure
29-all of the people that support the military, and allow us opportunities to show our support as well
30-the drs. that keep us healthy
31-the blogs and message boards that I read, and the support they provide without even knowing it
32-the struggles in our life that remind us to count our many blessings
33-My pets who provide unconditional love
34-My education--as much as I hate doing homework I know it is such a privilege to be able to continue to learn
35-A warm bed to sleep in
36-Feeling safe and secure in my house
37-A preschool that Emily loves going to
38-Parents who give of their time to take care of Emily and provide her opportunities
40-Comfortable furniture in our house
41-Indoor plumbing
42-Health insurance that affords us the opportunity to stay healthy without major financial concern
43-My 5 senses and the fact that all of them work
44-The opportunities I am given to serve others
45-Yummy smells that tell me I will have lots of good food to eat today
47-Cloudy days that remind me to appreciate the sunshine
48-For the baby growing inside me
49-Technology that will allow me to talk to family in 3 different states today, even though we can't be together keeps my girl happy all the time!

Your turn...can you list 50 things you are thankful for today??

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Capturing the perfect moment...

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, it is time to start "thinking about" Christmas cards. For those of you know me well, you know that I have a tendency to not actually get cards sent out until the week after Christmas, but this year is going to be different, thanks to an awesome promotion from Shutterfly. I am going to be on the ball and mail them out before Christmas actually comes, and maybe even in time for you to enjoy them before Christmas :)
Ever since we have had Emily, the big question is what kind of design to use for the card? Prior to Em it was just Chuck and I, and I went to Hallmark, bought a box of cards and sent them. But now with Em, we like to share a picture or 2 for those that don't get to see her as often as they would like. Well, Shutterfly makes that easy :) All we do is pick a design, upload a picture, and tada...a Christmas card is done. So, now we have to pick a are some contenders...any opinions?

And then...once we decide on a card, we have the next challenge...capturing the perfect Emily moment to be forever shared on our 2010 cards. Emily has 100s of cute moments every day, the challenge is capturing one of them. She loves to look at her picture, so the minute she sees the camera come out, she wants to look, not be photographed. We are hoping when we set up the tree this weekend, to catch her off guard at some moment and have the perfect picture to share with you all!

Check out more Shutterfly cards and learn how to get 50 free cards here.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Emily's surgery part 2...

Emily had her 2nd surgery yesterday. It was quite the day for sure. A couple of weeks ago we had a drs. appt with the ENT to check her tubes. Our speech path had mentioned several times she was concerned about her adenoids and tonsils getting in the way of her speech. I had asked at a previous appt and he had said she was too young to do anything about it. I brought it up again at this appt and he said her adenoids were indeed swollen and set up the surgery to take them out.

Overall the day went well. Surgery was fine, once it got started. The hospital was aobut 45 min. behind schedule because they had an emergency. Em had been no food or drink since 8 the night before and was not very happy about the wait. Our room was right by the nurses station and she walked out multiple times and told the nurses "ready". Fortunately Pastor Lou stopped by to visit so that filled some time and they had a wide assortment of magazines Emily enjoyed reading.

The dr. took the adenoids and then had said he wanted to check her tubes that he had put in July 09 to make sure they were ok. When he checked the tubes he said she had a significant amount of wax buildup (this is nothing new and is what they tell us every time we get her ears checked). Since she was under anesthesia it was much easier to clean them out. He cleaned them out and discovered the tube in the left hear was smashed up against the ear drum, and the tube in the right ear was out in the ear canal, so neither where they belonged! He took the old out and put new in.

She did great in recovery, they said she didn't cry at all, but was rubbing her face, to the point she has scratches on it now. They bought her out to us, and she immediately fell back asleep on me. She slept for about 1/2 hour and then they said we needed her to drink something before we could go home. This is where things got difficult. She flat out refused to drink anything. We had juice, milk, popsicles, ice cream, you name it we tried it, and she sobbed hysterically the second you put anything near her lips. About the time the nurse said she was going to call the dr. to see if he would just let us go home, she fell asleep again, so we said we'll wait until she wakes up and see how she does. 2 hours later (it's now 3 o'clock!), she wakes up and still refusing to drink. I happened to be eating a banana, she sees it and decides that is what she wants. One bite of banana and she is happy as can be, downs an entire glass of apple juice and is good to go.

She did good once we got home, ate a ton, and vegged on her beanbag chair. She seems back to her happy self this morning, enjoying being a lump on the bean bag chair watching her new Dora movie. The dr. said no school for a week (I had planned on sending her back Monday), but fortunately my mom is free and is going to stay with her next week.

So hopefully the hard part is over and we are on the road to recovery :) Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers yesterday!

Here are some pictures of our day.....

Picking out stickers before surgery...they had Dora stickers!

Watching some weird cartoon on cartoon network while we waited....

Sleeping on mommy after coming out...

Looking very grumpy after waking up the 1st time....

The car ride home...this was banana #2 because banana #1 wasn't enough!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Happenings...

We have been busy, busy this fall...enjoying the amazing weather that has come with it! We have been fortunate to have beautiful weekends to go out and play and have all sorts of adventures. We have been to the pumpkin patch...Em loved pretty much every minute of it. Her favorite was the cow train, she also thoroughly enjoyed getting lost in the corn maze and looking for the perfect pumpkin in the patch.

Gma took Em on a walk by the canal, the highlight of this trip was throwing walnuts into the water and watching them splash. They ended up walking over 2 miles and Em was not even close to ready to being done!!

Last weekend we spent at Lake Williamson at YAR (Youth Annual Retreat) with loads of jr. high kiddos. Em loves every minute of this, hanging out with the big kids, running around outside and seeing all of our friends we don't see often enough! She also spent a good chunk of time playing with Ben and Jack, the other 2 small people that were there. Her and Ben thought "I get you" was by far the best game in the world!

Next weekend we are headed to St. Louis to see Martha and Nick. The big girls are spending Sat. wedding dress shopping, Em will get to hang out with Papa for the day, which I am sure will be great fun!

And now...the pictures--

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our annual trip to Ohio....

This weekend was our annual trip to Ohio--we bumped dates a little bit so Martha's fiance Nick could join us and of course had a great time! This was Em's 3rd trip to Ohio--her previous trips were blogged about here-
and here-

This year's trip included wedding dress shopping for Martha as well as a trip to the Renaissance Festival again. Emily got to stay with the boys while the girls went shopping....2 year olds and wedding dresses a good match do not make. So Em watched football and played video games and we went shopping! We had a great time and found some good possibilities for Martha.

Sunday we headed to the Renaissance Festival. As usual the highlight is people watching--there was definitely a lot of that. As we started walking through the shops Em saw a carousel that she decided she wanted to go on. I wasn't really keen on paying the $3 just for her to go around in circles, and saw through the trees camel rides, so I told her we would do that instead. As we made our way through the Festival and around to the camels Em was very insistent about getting there! We finally made it and of course discovered a line. Fortunately it was moving pretty quickly--and in no time Em and Chuck were on their 1st camel ride! She was on cloud 9 and thought it was the most exciting thing she had done in a long time!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to school...

We are officially back to school and back into our school routine this week. That means Em is in a different place every day and loving every minute of it (well except for the get up at 6:30 to go to school on Mon. and Fri!). Yesterday was her 1st day back at preschool and she apparently never missed a beat. Here is the note her teacher left for me.
Emily had a great first day back! It was like she did not leave for the summer. We had a new Pooh Bear (her class) start today so we painted and played and read stories. We will start all of our class activities in a few days when everyone is settled. She had a great lunch (as usual)
As much as I hate leaving her every day I love the fact that she loves how she spends her days! Mon and Fri are at Kids and Co with Miss Deb, Tues are with Gramma, Weds are with Miss Tanahya and baby Molly (and possibly Brennan) and Thurs are with Papa. The girl has a lot of love coming to her from lots of different people and we really couldn't ask for a better arrangement!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some pictures of our summer...

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the start of the school year! Here is a small sampling of some of our summer adventures 1st in pictures--

Click here to view these pictures larger

Emily has been very busy this summer. Here most favorite activity by far has been swimming. She loves anything swimming related, slides, jumping, splashing, all of it. She has no fear and no problems going under water.
We've also spent a lot of time this summer hanging out with the high school girls from church. We had Bible study and book club at our house so the girls were here quite a bit and Em loved every minute of it!
We took a quick weekend trip to St. Louis to visit Martha and Nick--it was ridiculously hot that weekend, so we spent a lot of time in air conditioning, but we did venture out for a few hours to go to Grant's Farm which overall was a great time, except for the tram ride, when Em decided about 3/4 of the way that she was done, and repeatedly tried to tell us "all done".
Some of Em's current favorites--
roni's and hot dogs
jumping off high things and landing on soft things
running down the hill in the front yard
playing wii
repeating EVERYTHING anybody says
the phrases "I do it" and "watch Emily" (which is usually followed by some dangerous stunt)
Dora and Diego and talking in Spanish
cookies and milk with Daddy

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New bed??

Apparently the new bed isn't the hit we thought it would be....last night and naptime today were both spent here--

Sunday, July 4, 2010

VBS Songs...

Emily spent the last week at VBS--she is still in the nursery, but this year all of the kids in the nursery were old enough to participate in parts of VBS, so we did music with the 4 and 5 year olds. I'm pretty sure this was Emily's favorite part--she seemed to love the songs, and of course loves singing and dancing! Here is some video of her dancing from the program this morning. We started out at the back of the sanctuary, by the end of the program she was up front and center with the big kids having a blast!!

Happy 4th of July!

We spent last night with some friends who had an awesome view of the Geneseo Fireworks. Emily had a fabulous time hanging with all the big girls, she spent the majority of the time jumping on the the trampoline, I think that may be her new favorite toy. After it got dark we did sparklers--Emily was fascinated by them, but refused to hold one (probably a good thing!). We then cuddled up to watch the fireworks. She thought they were "awesome, cool, pretty, loud and boom" (all her words). She was happy as could be watching them, as long as she was safe and secure on mommy or daddy's lap!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Emily's new trick

This afternoon was a typical afternoon. Em went down for her nap around 1, around 4ish I heard her stirring and thought she will be up soon. Her diapers were still outside drying and I wanted to get them in before getting her, so I went out, collected them and came back in. As I walked into the living room, here comes Em walking down the hallway! I asked her, "Em what are you doing" She replied, "nap done". I took her back into her room and put her in her crib and asked her to show me how she got out. This is what she did.

So clearly it was time to retire the crib and go to a big girl bed. Our original plan was to convert her crib to a toddler day bed, but after looking at bed railings to keep her in, we decided it would be just as easy to put her in the twin bed that was in our spare room. As we took apart her crib, she kept asking, bed?? bed?? And I told her we were putting the crib away and getting a big girl bed, and her response every time, "no".
But once we got the big girl bed in, it was a whole new story. She and I had gone to Target and picked out a comforter and new sheets, and she was happy as can be.

She seemed to go down willingly and has been quiet for over 45 min now, so here is hoping that this transition is as easy as it seems!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


It's been 2 weeks since I finished school and we seem to be busier than ever! Our 1st summer activity was signing up for the summer reading program at the library. I figured since Em loves reading it was the logical thing to do!
We then spent a week at church camp with the big kids and had a great time! Em loves hanging with the high schoolers, and they seem to love hanging with her. She went swimming multiple times, rock climbing, and puddle jumping among other things. She also learned some new dance moves! I'm pretty sure we have video, I'll have to see if Chuck can get it posted.
We're also continuing our speech lessons, at least for a little while longer. I think they may end up ending the services sooner than planned because she is doing so well with her talking! Some of her favorite phrases are "I do it" and "I get you". She is also counting in both English and Spanish! (thanks Dora!)
A funny talking story that happened today. We were at DQ after camp and she was running around jumping with everyone, and kept saying a word that sounded like santa. We were all confused and couldn't figure out what she was trying to say. When we got home we were watching Dora and discovered the spanish word for jump is "salta". Our 2 year old is smarter than us!
We also love playing outside, Emily has a slide, swimming pool, and water table that are her favorite activities. She is also still a big fan of the swing. We've taken a few walks to the park in town to play as well.
Hopefully I will get a picture post up soon...we have lots of pictures, they are all just sitting on the camera waiting to be uploaded. I am sure we will have lots more summer fun to share!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Busy, busy...

Lots has happened since our last post--most importantly, my laptop crashed and therefore my picture organization has fallen apart. We have pictures on both of Chuck's laptops, on the camera and who knows where else, so it makes it hard for me to get them posted. So for now we'll just do a quick recap, with pictures to come later.
March--We celebrated Easter with Gpa and Gma Leader and Uncle E. The day before we went to an Easter Egg hunt at the nursing home and then to the park to play. It was a great day for both and had lots of fun.
April-In early April Emily ran her 1st "race" at the St. Louis Marathon. She completed the 50 yd. dash, and even passed a couple of kids. She got a medal and everything. The next day Aunt Martha, Nick and I ran the 1/2 marathon...we didn't do quite as well as Emily, but still had fun.
May--In May, Emily finally started receiving speech services--she was originally tested in Nov. and didn't quite qualify--when she tested again in Feb. she qualified due to her lack of 2 word phrases and unintelligibly (did I make that word up??) She's had one session so far and is already making great progress! Her 1st phrase has been "I get you" she loves to say it when jumping on daddy's back :) We also finished up another semester of Kindermusik--she continues to love Miss Adrienne and playing with all of the other kids there.

I think that is it for now-we are looking forward to summer with camp and 2 VBS's and music class and hopefully some swim lessons thrown in there--it should be a great time!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring has sprung!

It seems as though spring is just around the corner and we are definitely enjoying the warmer temperatures! Emily's swing is hanging back up and she is constantly going to the door and asking out? out? Once she is out it usually takes a bribe of a bath or Diego time to get her back in. She has recently discovered how to open doors, so we are keeping all doors to the outside locked now, to keep her in!

She has continued to enjoy going to story time at the library with Papa (see artwork below). This weekend Mama and Papa Hilman came to visit and we went to the Children's Museum and had a wonderful time (more pictures below).

We are back in the midst of a speech eval. This time it seems as though she will qualify to receive some services due to her noninterest in speaking understandable English. She loves to talk and throws in some English, but likes her Emilyisms quite a bit still. On the flip side, the children's therapist evaluator said her gross motor skills are definitely not lacking, some of her favorite activities are jumping off of things and climbing. Wrestling with daddy is also way up there! Reading books continues to be a favorite activity, Mama and Papa H. just bought her a pop-up tent that I'm sure she will spend many hours hiding in with her books. She refuses to go to bed without a book and will often be heard reading her stories to doggy before falling asleep.

And now--the pictures--

These are both pieces of art created with Papa's help at story time. Emily enjoys coloring with the markers the best, and makes papa do a lot of the other work!

These were all at the Children's Museum. Emily had a wonderful time playing and painting!

This is just a very random picture, it was the 1st time Emily drank out of a milk carton--such a big girl!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Emily's 2 year appt

Emily had her 2 year appt. today at the dr--the big "surprise" of the day--double ear infection! Antibiotics and ear drops for the next week.
In other information-28lbs and 34 inches tall, so growing but still a peanut! She still loves her baby food veggies, which I'm still convinced she'll be taking to school in her lunches. He had us start her on Vitamin D to hopefully boost her immune system and get rid of the winter yuckies we've had. He did comment that she has great speech skills--just that we can't understand any of what she is saying. I'm still on the fence whether to have that checked again, we'll see.
Other than that a pretty boring appointment, no shots which is always a bonus!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Welcome baby Shea!

Last week our dear friends Andy and Mattie welcomed their first baby into the world--Shealynn Michelle--we were very excited to go visit them, but worried Emily wouldn't be able to join us because of hospital policies. Luckily nobody seemed concerned and Emily got to meet baby Shea with us! She was a little leary at first but warmed up very quickly and enjoyed giving Shea kisses and making sure she had her stuffed animals at all times!

Emily's artistic side

Emily started preschool in Dec. and with that has discovered an artistic side that Chuck and I aren't really great at fostering--it's a good thing she has Uncle E in her life! Here is a sample of her artwork thus far!

This one was done with Papa at story time at the library--hopefully a new weekly activity for them!

Happy 2nd Birthday Emily!

Emily turned 2 yesterday! We celebrated with family a couple of weeks ago and had a great time! Both sides of the family were here, Great-Gpa and Gma Hilman, Great-Gma G, and Great-Gpa and Gma Kingma were here, as well as Gpa-Gma Leader, and Gpa Hilman. Aunt Kathy, Garrett, Aunt Martha and Uncle Ethan, Great-Aunts and Uncles--Hildy, Dave, Sissy, Doug and Karen, Myrna, Lyle, Ted and Rich and Cousins, Jenna, Lilia and Garrett all came! (I think that was everybody!) Our house was packed but everyone seemed to have a good time--here are some of the pictures from the day!