Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

A blog that I read regularly has suggested the challenge of listing 50 things we are thankful for this year--I thought it would be a great way to start our Thanksgiving before the chaos of cooking and travel begin so here goes-
1-A God who loves me despite my flaws
2-Our friends who love and support us in countless ways!
3-Our house
4-The furnace that is blowing out heat right now
5-A full refrigerator
6-Baskets of laundry to fold which means we have lots of clothes to wear
7-Winter coats to keep us warm
8-Jobs for both Chuck and I that provide paychecks to pay the bills as well as personal fulfillment
9-A classroom full of students that come to school excited to learn
10-Toys all over my living room floor
11-Modern medical science that put ninja in me to grow into our new baby
12-Money to buy our wants as well as our needs
13-A car to take us to visit family today
14-A safe community to live in
15-Wonderful neighbors
16-Freedom to post this
17-Running water
18-Technology that allows me to be all over the world
19-Our health
20-A husband who loves me and would do anything for me
21-A daughter who is simply amazing
22-Parents who support everything I do
23-Siblings who are friends as well
24-In laws who I consider family and friends
25-Extended family who are awesome
26-The library and the fact that Emily loves it so much she cried when we couldn't stop there yesterday
27-a fitness center membership that allows me to walk even when it is bitterly cold outside
28-all of the military that are having to spend Thanksgiving away from their families so we can feel safe and secure
29-all of the people that support the military, and allow us opportunities to show our support as well
30-the drs. that keep us healthy
31-the blogs and message boards that I read, and the support they provide without even knowing it
32-the struggles in our life that remind us to count our many blessings
33-My pets who provide unconditional love
34-My education--as much as I hate doing homework I know it is such a privilege to be able to continue to learn
35-A warm bed to sleep in
36-Feeling safe and secure in my house
37-A preschool that Emily loves going to
38-Parents who give of their time to take care of Emily and provide her opportunities
40-Comfortable furniture in our house
41-Indoor plumbing
42-Health insurance that affords us the opportunity to stay healthy without major financial concern
43-My 5 senses and the fact that all of them work
44-The opportunities I am given to serve others
45-Yummy smells that tell me I will have lots of good food to eat today
47-Cloudy days that remind me to appreciate the sunshine
48-For the baby growing inside me
49-Technology that will allow me to talk to family in 3 different states today, even though we can't be together keeps my girl happy all the time!

Your turn...can you list 50 things you are thankful for today??

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Jennifer said...

I especially LOVE #11 and #21. :)