Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Sister!

Last night we took Em to the big sibling class our hospital offers. Of the 5 kids there, Emily was the youngest by several years, so I was a little concerned with how she would do, but she did great! They had a baby doll that the kids go to practice holding and changing the diaper on, we got to tour the floor and they learned about how the baby grows in mommy's belly. I'm not sure how much Em learned about baby growing, but she sat front and center and listened to the whole thing...so maybe she absorbed something in there? She loved the baby doll part....she was pretty much a pro at holding and changing diapers :) And made herself quite at home on the tour of the rooms. When we left we talked about how her new baby sister would come from the hospital and she seemed pretty good with it...we will see come May how that actually plays out :)

She also told Martha and I that she will feed the baby cheeseburgers when she comes :)

Here are some pictures from our class....