Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Emily's new trick

This afternoon was a typical afternoon. Em went down for her nap around 1, around 4ish I heard her stirring and thought she will be up soon. Her diapers were still outside drying and I wanted to get them in before getting her, so I went out, collected them and came back in. As I walked into the living room, here comes Em walking down the hallway! I asked her, "Em what are you doing" She replied, "nap done". I took her back into her room and put her in her crib and asked her to show me how she got out. This is what she did.

So clearly it was time to retire the crib and go to a big girl bed. Our original plan was to convert her crib to a toddler day bed, but after looking at bed railings to keep her in, we decided it would be just as easy to put her in the twin bed that was in our spare room. As we took apart her crib, she kept asking, bed?? bed?? And I told her we were putting the crib away and getting a big girl bed, and her response every time, "no".
But once we got the big girl bed in, it was a whole new story. She and I had gone to Target and picked out a comforter and new sheets, and she was happy as can be.

She seemed to go down willingly and has been quiet for over 45 min now, so here is hoping that this transition is as easy as it seems!!

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Jennifer said...

She's such a big girl! She is on the exact same track as Abby. :) I know what you mean about the rails. We used one that isn't technically meant for her toddler bed, but it works. We've been using it since February.


We thought about using the crib for her brother, but it has the drop side which was recalled (they gave us a plastic clip to put on it) and decided to get him a new one. She doesn't use the side that drops down anyway.

I hope Emily continues to do well. Abby sneaks out and gets books to read in her bed. I've found tons of stuff in her bed after naps before. One time she put her sock basket in her bed and another she got every wash cloth out of her drawer and put it in her bed. She's odd. :)