Saturday, December 11, 2010

Emily stories

Emily has had some good stories lately, so I figured I would put them here so we can remember them 15 years from now.
Driving home from preschool on Weds.
Mom-Emily we are on our way home now. Emily-No home, mommy, no home Mom-Where do you want to go Emily, if we don't go home?? Emily-The circus!

Also driving home on Weds.
Emily-Jumping on the slide! Mom-Did you jump on the slide today Emily? Emily-Sit in time out! Mom-Did you have to sit in time out for jumping Emily? End of conversation

On Friday I asked her preschool teacher about the time out story, and she said indeed, Emily did have a time out on Weds. for jumping off the slide with another girl. Not surprising as Emily jumps on and off everything in sight. She said Emily took the time out really well until the other girl started crying and then of course she had to cry as well. Silly girl.

And now an Emily video. This is her "reading" her David Goes to School book. She has memorized the book and recites it practically word for word. I have been trying for months to get in on video and finally succeeded in getting most of it.

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