Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer in Review

Our summer is finally winding down and boy has it been a busy one--here's a quick recap, complete with pics-

In June we went to camp (see previous post) then came home for VBS. Unfortunately Em had a fever, so she missed 2 days of VBS.
The following week we sent Chuck on a mission trip to Minnesota and had a week of Mommy and me time.
In July we traveled, traveled, traveled! First we went to Wisconsin to spend a night with Chuck's parents, sister and the kids.
Later that week Em had ear tubes put in--she took them like a trooper and so far no problems!
The next weekend we went to Indiana and spent several days with Nai and Pop, Uncle Mike, Aunt Jennifer, Aunt Martha, Uncle Ethan and lots of other Kingmas. We spent lots of time on the beach and a day in Chicago (our first train ride). It was on this trip Em learned "Go Bucks!"
We came home for just a few days before heading back to Living Springs for family camp.
Our final travel weekend of July took us to Aunt Martha's in Missouri.

All we have left for the summer is a quick trip to Aunt Kathy's and then an overnight to Springfield!


Preparing for surgery (a very hungry and tired baby)

Go Bucks!!

Riding the train to Chicago-

Hanging with cousin Camden--

Playing on the beach--LOVED the water!!

18 months

Em celebrated her 18 month birthday this week, with a drs. appt! Luckily it was a well-baby check, so she was feeling good, no sickness here! The dr. checked everything over, and gave her a clean bill of health! We are still concerned about her speech, so he is going to see her back in 2 months and if she's still not talking then he will refer us to therapy. She got 2 shots, and goes back in two weeks for her last shot until she is 4! Yippee!
At 18 months--here's a snapshot of Em-

**Climbing and into everything! Loves to rearrange whatever she can get her hands on, pots/pans, tupperware, dvds, toys, it's all fair game.

**She can do stairs like a pro and has even figured out how to do bump by herself.

**Loves watching Jack's Big Music Show and knows that the remote makes that happen, so will request her show by handing you the remote.

**Eats pretty much anything, is still fed primarily by an adult because she likes to feed Keeno when left to her own.

**Knows lots of body parts, will clap when you say yea, will do touchdown when you say touchdown or Go Bucks.

**Has words for cat, dog, milk, and says mama and dada indiscriminantly.

**Can sign, please, more, milk, love and eat.

**Makes squinties and blinky just have to see them, there is no way to describe them!

**Sleeps 12 hours most nights and 2-3 hour nap. Is working on phasing out the bink, which she uses only at night and for naps.

Next up--our summer in review!