Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some pictures of our summer...

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the start of the school year! Here is a small sampling of some of our summer adventures 1st in pictures--

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Emily has been very busy this summer. Here most favorite activity by far has been swimming. She loves anything swimming related, slides, jumping, splashing, all of it. She has no fear and no problems going under water.
We've also spent a lot of time this summer hanging out with the high school girls from church. We had Bible study and book club at our house so the girls were here quite a bit and Em loved every minute of it!
We took a quick weekend trip to St. Louis to visit Martha and Nick--it was ridiculously hot that weekend, so we spent a lot of time in air conditioning, but we did venture out for a few hours to go to Grant's Farm which overall was a great time, except for the tram ride, when Em decided about 3/4 of the way that she was done, and repeatedly tried to tell us "all done".
Some of Em's current favorites--
roni's and hot dogs
jumping off high things and landing on soft things
running down the hill in the front yard
playing wii
repeating EVERYTHING anybody says
the phrases "I do it" and "watch Emily" (which is usually followed by some dangerous stunt)
Dora and Diego and talking in Spanish
cookies and milk with Daddy

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