Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our annual trip to Ohio....

This weekend was our annual trip to Ohio--we bumped dates a little bit so Martha's fiance Nick could join us and of course had a great time! This was Em's 3rd trip to Ohio--her previous trips were blogged about here-
and here-

This year's trip included wedding dress shopping for Martha as well as a trip to the Renaissance Festival again. Emily got to stay with the boys while the girls went shopping....2 year olds and wedding dresses a good match do not make. So Em watched football and played video games and we went shopping! We had a great time and found some good possibilities for Martha.

Sunday we headed to the Renaissance Festival. As usual the highlight is people watching--there was definitely a lot of that. As we started walking through the shops Em saw a carousel that she decided she wanted to go on. I wasn't really keen on paying the $3 just for her to go around in circles, and saw through the trees camel rides, so I told her we would do that instead. As we made our way through the Festival and around to the camels Em was very insistent about getting there! We finally made it and of course discovered a line. Fortunately it was moving pretty quickly--and in no time Em and Chuck were on their 1st camel ride! She was on cloud 9 and thought it was the most exciting thing she had done in a long time!

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Jennifer said...


I could not get Abby to get on a camel at the zoo last month. She acted like she wanted to, but when we got up there she changed her mind. She did the same with the carousel too!