Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where has time gone?

Life has been busy here in the Hilman November we went to Gpa and Gma Kingma's for Thanksgiving. After thanksgiving we were supposed to go to the State High School football game, but Em had a fever so instead we headed to Gabe and Sarah Beth's for the night before going to a funeral. Sat. morning everything seemed fine, so we figured it was a teething fever.
Monday she went to her 1st day of preschool at Kids and Company (which she loves by the way!) At about 2:30 I got a call at school saying she had had a great day, but had a rash that had been quickly spreading all day long. I call the dr. and they agree to see her that afternoon. Diagnosis--Fifth Disease--starts out with a fever, then a very tell-tale rash a few days later. Completely harmless at that point.

December has been lots of Christmases (with more to come). On Dec. 12th we celebrated Christmas with the Hilman side of the family---

Hanging out with cousin Garrett and the doggie that cousin Allen's almost as big as Emily! At Hilman family Christmas Emily also got a kitchen that took lots of people a long time to put together, but well worth it. She also got a Leap Frog tag jr. reading system that is way cool! And of course lots of clothes...a girl can never have too many clothes!

Christmas Eve Gpa and Gma Leader, Uncle E and Aunt Mar came over for dinner, church and we opened presents with them---

This is the dress Great Gma Kingma and Gma Leader made for Emily and dolly to wear for church

Opening presents with Gpa....Gpa and Gma Leader gave Emily an OSU sweatshirt, a new bookshelf, and a stool (that serves as a side table to the Elmo couch).

Christmas morning we opened presents from Santa and from us--

Christmas morning in new pajamas and Elmo slippers!

Lounging in the Elmo couch Santa brought...this is definitely a favorite present of the year! Santa also brought some new books.

Showing off some of the new clothes

Lounging with the puppies

Emily very quickly figured out the present opening gig--the only problem was she wanted to stop and play with each toy--present opening easily could have turned into a several hour project.

During Christmas week Em developed a snotty nose and cough, Sunday after Christmas a fever. I kept her home from school Monday and we went to the dr. to find out she had an ear infection and and bronchitis, so we have an oral antibiotic an oral steroid and a neubulizer treatment (that Em hates) that we get to do for a week. Because she hasn't been feeling good, she also hasn't been sleeping...most nights she is up at least once if not 2 or 3 times. We are hoping that it is just the sickness and nothing else causing this!

This weekend we are going back to Indiana for Christmas with the Kingma's. We will be cheering on OSU in the Rose Bowl and hopefully making a trip into Chicago to go to the aquarium and get Lou Molnoti's pizza.