Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Emily's latest "thing"

Emily has come up with a new "thing" that I'm not sure I'm entirely thrilled by, but not sure how to end. Ever since she has gotten her big girl bed, she has always played before going to bed. This has never been an issue, she plays for a little while then puts herself back to bed. Well just recently she has discovered that she is tall enough to turn the light back on after we leave. This seems to be leading to longer and longer playing time. A minor issue, but it seems as though 2 or 3 times of us turning the light off again and she gives in. Except for the last 2 nights. Monday night I stayed up later than usual (9:30..crazy/wild I know!) and as I was going to bed we peeked in on Em, her light was still on. She was in bed however, approaching sleep, STARK NAKED!!! As in no p.j.s, no diaper, nothing! So we put her jammies back on, much to her protest, put her back to bed and move on. Tuesday night, I fall asleep on the couch and it is after 10 when I go to bed, only to find Emily sound asleep STARK NAKED again! So apparently she likes sleeping in the nude, however it is winter time, and I am a cheapskate, and the heat drops down to 60 at night...definitely not warm enough to be sleeping in the nude! I suppose we will see what tonight brings!

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Jennifer said...

Haha! You've got a little nudist.

Abby often wakes up wearing something different than she wore to bed