Sunday, January 25, 2009

Poor baby

Emily had her first visit from the pukeys yesterday--and it was definitely not fun for anyone involved! She seems to be doing better today--I'm thinking the 20 hours she slept helped quite a bit! Hopefully we are better now...and can move on from this experience!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday!

We celebrated Emily's birthday this weekend with a family party! We had lots of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents over at the house. My dad made a typical dad suggestion of--we need to do this in July for her 1/2 birthday, so we can go outside, but we made due in the house. We had simply food--lunchmeat sandwiches, relish tray, and of course deviled eggs (my favorite) and ham-pickle thingies (Chuck's favorite). Here are a few pictures to capture the day....

Riding the pony Aunt Martha and Gma and Gpa Leader got me---my legs aren't quite long enough yet!

Going for a ride around the house in my new wagon with cousin Jenna--thanks Mama and Papa Hilman!

Helping mommy open presents! I'm getting good at this present opening stuff! (And yes that's money in my hot lil hand :) )

Taking a ride in my sled from Mama and papa Hilman.

My very own cake! I tried to put the candle out with my fingers, but daddy insisted on blowing it out!

Mmmm.....this is some good stuff!!

I don't know why we don't eat this every day!! I also had a great time sharing my cake with Keeno--he thought it was enjoyable as well!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Staying at home....

I think I could get used to this staying home business. We had a "cold" day today so no school, and Em and I got to hang out all day long and it was fabulous! She took 2 wonderful naps, I got quite a bit of cleaning done, and we got to play and read and listen to music and it has been great. I think I could do this everyday :) Lucky me--another cold day tomorrow and the MLK day Monday--Tuesday is going to be a really hard day!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

More Christmas Pics

Well Emily's 1st Christmas is over...and boy did she make out nicely! We had Christmas with the Hilmans, Christmas with the Leaders and Christmas with the Kingmas. It was quite a month. Christmas with the Hilmans is in the previous post--here is Christmas with the Leaders and Kingmas.

Helping Daddy open a present at the Kingmas.

Her new American Girl doll---she was sooo excited and loves carrying her baby around.

Opening presents on Christmas Eve after church.

Chuck, Sarah and Emily after Christmas Eve service.