Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lots of pictures

Emily had a very busy 2 weeks of Christmas is just a sampling of the pictures from our time home!
She decided one day to "play school" with her animals and dolls.


Art time-notice all of the animals have paper and crayons!

This was the Christmas dress Emily's Nai and Gramma made for her and bay doll this year. This is very possibly one of my new favorite Emily pictures.

And of course--opening presents. This is the 1st year Emily has really gotten into present opening. Her big present from us was her new bedroom set (pictures someday soon) and because of snow our travel plans changed, so she only had 4 presents under the tree Christmas morning. This was probably a good thing--because she got 3 opened and declared she was done. We left her 4th present, knowing we'd be doing more later that day any way, and sure enough, later on she was more than happy to open it. From us she got her bedroom set, some games (Cooties and Hi-Ho Cherri-os), a Dora bed tent and some books. Mar and Nick got her an art easel and an elephant pillow pet and Papa and Gramma got her a book and a tractor. From the Hilman side she got some clothes, a bowling set, a Dora power wheels, a portable dvd player and videos, a Dora snuggie and some other stuff I can't remember off the top of my head. Overall she got everything she wanted and then some! We still have Kingma family Christmas to look forward to in Feb.

This is a picture of Em helping Daddy paint her new room....she was very proud of herself and loves her new room!

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