Thursday, July 17, 2008

So here we are......

I've decided since I love reading blogs I might as well create one of my own. I'm not entirely sure what I will write about at this point--so we'll just see where it takes us. I'm hoping to use this as a way to document Emily's life and milestones so that I don't have to try to remember them all. With that being said--here's what is happening in our current life--

Spent the past weekend in Indiana with Great grandpa and grandma Kingma and family. We got to meet our new cousin Camden who was born in March and is already 3 lbs heavier than Em. Em went swimming in Lake Michigan for the first time and loved it! In fact she loved it so much that she fell asleep in her floaty not once--but twice!

We came home Tuesday and am pretty sure she is fighting her 1st ear infection :( She started amoxicillan today--hopefully it will make our mood improve. For all of you that claim she doesn't know how to cry should have heard her tonight!!

Let's see--what else--Chuck is hanging out with Andy tonight playing cops--that ought to be interesting!

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