Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The adventure just continues...

Monday was quite the eventful day in our lil world. We were woken up (is that grammatically correct??) at about 6:30 am but a horrible storm. I come out into the living room to investigate whether we should be taking cover in the basement or not--and the satellite is out--about 5 minutes later the power is out! So I go back to bed--not much else to do.

We wake up about 8:30, still no power. I call the power company and they said the entire grid was out and they had no idea how long it would be before we were up and running. Fortunately we had a meeting planned in Galesburg, so we get packed up and head out about 10:30--still no power. Come home after lunch at about 4 (mind you it's about 90 degrees out at this point), still no power. Chuck needed to go into the office, so Em and I decide to go with him, because A-it's stinkin hot in the house and B-there wasn't a lot to do in the house. We stay at the church until about 7:30, find out that there are 4 poles down that are part of the transmitter line--so until they get those fixed they can't even figure out what problems they have locally--we're told it could be up to 4 DAYS! Yikes!! I'm starting to seriously panic about the 20 or so bags of breast milk in my freezer--not something I can just go to the store and replace!!!
We get home and hang out outside until it gets dark--then light a bunch of candles to feed Em. And decide at the early hour of 10 o'clock to go to bed. Fortunately my breast pump has a car adaptor--so I go sit in the car in the driveway to take care of that--let me tell you how much fun that is! And off to bed we go!

Good news--we wake up this morning--and power is back :) Woohoo!!! All is well--hopefully today will be much less exciting!!


Jennifer said...

How's the milk?! It's sad, but whenever our power goes out that's the first thing I think about!

I'm glad you have power now.

Chuck, Sarah and Emily said...

It survived--I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that panics over that of all things!