Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is 6 months too young to potty train??

Just an advanced warning--if poo grosses you out you may just want to skip over this post altogether--cuz that's what it's about!
I figure since I'm a mama and mama's talk about poo--and this is quite the story--it's only appropriate I blog about it :)
So Sunday afternoon we were hanging out after church and Chuck had made lunch and Em was playing in her exersaucer and all was good. Chuck grabbed Em to put her in her chair to eat and after putting her down said "how did she get blueberries on her foot?" and I said "what??" She hadn't eaten blueberries since Sat. lunch. So I come in to look--and said "Oh--that's not blueberries--that's blueberry poo" How in the world did it get on her foot??
Well after further investigation she must have pooed while in the exersaucer--and leaked--big time--as there was blueberry poo all over the bottom of the exersaucer--which she had basically been dancing in!
So--we now had poo in the exersaucer, in the booster seat, and all over Emily!! It was quite a mess--and about 1/2 hour later--we finally got to sit down for cold lunch!!
Hopefully that will be the last of the wow poos--I'm thinking potty training is looking more and more appealing!!


Martha said...

sounds like the car seat poo incident-that was possibly the most disgusting thing Ive ever seen!

Chuck, Sarah and Emily said...

This was way worse---if that tells you anything!

Jennifer said...

Ah man... As I sit here I can just picture it all over the exersaucer, bouncer, and baby! When Abby was younger she would always go when we put her in her high chair. I had several cold dinners because I'd be cleaning her and the high chair. She still likes to go in there.