Monday, December 15, 2008 I behind

I've been a lousy blogger lately--life has been busy and I just haven't had time. That and there hasn't been a whole lot of excitement to blog about, and what excitement there has been I'd like to use pictures and they aren't on my computer yet. Yes I am full of excuses :)
Here's the cliff notes version--and hopefully there will be pictures to accompany it next week when I'm done with school.

Emily's 1st Thanksgiving at Aunt Hildy's--great time was had by all

We set up the Christmas tree and Christmas decorations

Gma Leader (my gma, Emily's great gma) passed away after a wonderful 96 years of life. Emily has been very fortunate to spend at least a day a week with her since my mom started babysitting in August. It was always a dream of mine for my children to meet their gma Leader, so we were very blessed that Em got to spend as much time with her as she did.

Emily has figured out how to stand up by herself without holding on to anything and is very proud of this accomplishment.

Emily had her 1st Christmas with the Hilman side of the family and had a fabulous time being passed around to everyone all day long--and got some fabulous presents!

We bought new, grown up living room furniture--that I can't wait to get delivered!! No more slits in the couches and missing cushion stuffing!!!

That's it for now--Christmas break starts Friday at 3:15--and we will have 2 weeks of no work :)

That's it for now--I promise to get pictures up soon!!

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