Monday, December 22, 2008

The promised pictures....

Here is a sampling of the last month in pictures...

Emily hanging out at O'Hare on our way to Nashville.

Yummy Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving with the Kingma's playing under the table with cousin Camden.

Helping to decorate the tree. We have learned that real is definitely the way to go--she very much leaves the prickly branches alone.

Emily opening her 1st Christmas present--she looks much more into it than she really was.

Emily meeting Santa for the 1st time.


Jennifer said...

Love the pictures. She is getting so big and as always CUTE.

Was she just checking Santa out or did she freak out right after she looked at him like Abby did?

Jennifer said...

Oh yeah...and why isn't she wearing shoes?! What kind of mother are you? j/k! ;)

I had a ton of people ask me why I didn't put shoes on Abby last year for the Santa picture. It was HOT here (like always) and I never put shoes on her before she was really walking. Every time I did it only lasted a short while. I guess I could have at least put socks on her.

Chuck, Sarah and Emily said...

She never did freak out with dad has quite the beard and she is so used to being passed around to people that she was unphased. Not excited, but unphased all the same.
Em has worn shoes for approximately 1 hour of her life so far. She hates them, takes them off, so it's not worth the battle. She barely even keeps socks fact that particular mall trip--we lost a sock somewhere, and had to buy new ones before we could leave, because it was snowing and freezing!