Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our own personal highway clean-up crew

Emily decided that she and Grandma needed to go for a walk this morning. They got out the door and headed up the hill of 1200E for a change of scenery. Shortly after going around the corner Emily sees a bottle in the grass. She picks it up and tell gma, "garbage, you carry it". So gma takes the bottle and they continue on their way. A few more steps and another bottle. Em picks it up and repeats "garbage, you carry it". Gma realizes where this is going so she tells Emily that they don't have a garbage bag, but if they leave the garbage by the side of the road they can pick it up on another walk. So Emily very carefully continues down the ditch, picking up all of the garbage and placing it on the side of the road. Once they get to the top of the hill gma decides to see if she can find a garbage bag. She finds a house with someone home, rings the doorbell, and explains to the lady that her granddaughter would like to pick up garbage, but doesn't have a garbage bag to put it in. The very nice lady gives them a bag, and back down the road they go. By the time they get to the house the garbage bag is overflowing!! Em and gma put it in the trash can, just in time to see the garbage truck come to empty it!
She was quite the proud little girl :) I'm guessing this story can be attributed to wonderful training by gpa....he is known for picking up trash when he sees it. Now he has a helper :)

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