Saturday, August 1, 2009

18 months

Em celebrated her 18 month birthday this week, with a drs. appt! Luckily it was a well-baby check, so she was feeling good, no sickness here! The dr. checked everything over, and gave her a clean bill of health! We are still concerned about her speech, so he is going to see her back in 2 months and if she's still not talking then he will refer us to therapy. She got 2 shots, and goes back in two weeks for her last shot until she is 4! Yippee!
At 18 months--here's a snapshot of Em-

**Climbing and into everything! Loves to rearrange whatever she can get her hands on, pots/pans, tupperware, dvds, toys, it's all fair game.

**She can do stairs like a pro and has even figured out how to do bump by herself.

**Loves watching Jack's Big Music Show and knows that the remote makes that happen, so will request her show by handing you the remote.

**Eats pretty much anything, is still fed primarily by an adult because she likes to feed Keeno when left to her own.

**Knows lots of body parts, will clap when you say yea, will do touchdown when you say touchdown or Go Bucks.

**Has words for cat, dog, milk, and says mama and dada indiscriminantly.

**Can sign, please, more, milk, love and eat.

**Makes squinties and blinky just have to see them, there is no way to describe them!

**Sleeps 12 hours most nights and 2-3 hour nap. Is working on phasing out the bink, which she uses only at night and for naps.

Next up--our summer in review!

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