Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

~~Happy Halloween~~
We bought Em a nice warm Halloween costume--and it's supposed to be 71 today!! Silly weather. Oh well--she's still cute! I also have a fabulous Halloween card that Chuck made that I will share with you if I can ever get it off Chuck's computer :)
Have a fabulous day!


Jennifer said...

I love her blue eyes! 71 is hot for you guys. I think it was 66 tonight in FL! I got Abby a light costume and it was cold for our Church's Trunk or Treat. I had to go get stuff to wear underneath her costume.

Chuck, Sarah and Emily said...

Yeah--71 is very hot for us for halloween--usually it's about 40 and raining! They don't even sell warm weather halloween costumes around here--everything seems to come with tights and long sleeves and such--as you can see--her costume was definitely not designed for warm weather! She spent about 2 min. in it so great gma could see her and that was it!