Friday, September 12, 2008


My puter is being cranky and won't let me move the pictures--so apparently they will be 1st in the blog today--with words 2nd...not my choice but such is life I suppose!
Also not the best pic we have of the football game--but the others must still be on Chuck's computer--I'll have to work on getting those up another day!

Ok...clearly it has been forever since I've updated--but I've been back to work, and starting grad classes and life is just a lil crazy right now-with no signs of slowing down--but here's whats new. Em is growing everyday--she's army crawling across the floor, prompting daddy to start building something to block the banisters. We've decided to do cubby shelves on one side and probably just plexiglass on the other--I think that will also solve the baby gate problem, so no falling down the stairs for Miss Em! In the world of first--Emily had her 1st tastes of spaghetti and seemed to enjoy it, and watched her 1st osu football game--since you're all more interested in the pics and not words--here they are :)

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